Daily Life

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Addiction Cycle

A week ago SUU had a spokes person from Fight the New Drug, come speak about pornography. It was an all day event that lead up to this speaker. They invited multiple therapists, and other individuals to speak on this subject. I am working towards…

Temple Handles

LDS Temple Weddings

The last couple of months Derek has had three of his good friends get married. All them have been married up in northern Utah, so we have been traveling quite a bit to attend them. All of these weddings…


The Tuachaun Arena

Tradition… PBR at Tuachaun

Derek and I have created a new tradition down here in Southern Utah. Every year Tuachaun Performance Center invites the Professional Bull Riders (PBR) to their theatre for an event.  The PBR is a rodeo, but…


    Happy 8 Month Anniversary! 

Celebrating 8 months of married life together! Happy 15th Everyone:)

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Join us!

Conference weekend is coming up. Are you ready to hear the messages from the Lord?

Snow Canyon With Sadie MaeIMG_4733

A couple weeks ago Derek and I decided to head down to Snow Canyon National Park to go on a long bike ride with Sadie. We have never…

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  A Target Exit

 A couple months ago my mother and I were Christmas Shopping in Salt Lake City. You have to know that any day with my mom, is a day well spent. My mother is such a fun person to be around. If I had to describe…