About Us

DR Adventures is a name that Derek and I came up with when we first started dating. Not only is DR our initials (Derek & Rachel), but its also where we first met. We started throwing this title around when we dated because we never had the “typical dates” i.e. dinner, movies, hangouts, etc. There was always a crazy, fun, adventure instead.

Derek and I were recently married and with this marriage came a child. That’s my gorgeous and venturesome yellow Lab, the one and only Sadie Mae. I’ve had her since she was a pup (8 weeks) and oh what a joy she has been. She is our pride and joy, and goes with us whenever we can sneak her in. Derek was not only blessed with one woman, but two!

I want this blog to be about two people & a pup adventures in life, whether they be big or small they are worth sharing. God has blessed us in so many ways! I am hoping this will be a way to share our memories, fun moments, blessings, struggles, and my testimony in my strong LDS faith.

Life if an adventure, and ours has only just begun.





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