Already 2 Months

I can’t believe how quickly time goes. I wanted to be one of those moms that has it all together and writes a little about their child every month for a year. Well, I am off to a good start. He is almost 3 months and this is my first time writing. I guess this is how motherhood goes right? One of the main reason I find that these are important is because I see them as journaling. I want these to be for Hampton. Something he can look back on and treasure. Thats what I hope for, at least.

Derek Hampton White

Weigh & Height

  • 12lbs & 24 inches
    • Before we left Cedar City we had his six week appointment (4/26/17)



  • The first month of life he found his smile. He was so attentive and tried his hardest to focus in on people. Now almost three months, he smiles non stop! He loves to smile and has the cutest little giggle. My favorite time with him is in the mornings. He is so happy and alert! When he sees me, he gets the biggest smile on his face. There is nothing better than that!! It seriously makes my day!IMG_5940

Fun things:

  • I had my first Mothers day a couple weeks ago. Derek made me feel so special! He had a pendant made with a mother and child footprints, representing a mothers example and being sure footed in the gospel. BEST GIFT EVER! Made me cry… Surprised? You shouldn’t be…
  • Hampton has found his hands and has started to play with his toys! I put a couple dangly toys in his crib and I sometimes find him in there playing with them instead of napping. Its pretty dang cute:)
  • He has the best scowl! Even one of my ultrasounds has one of his scowls. Love them! Such a Gines thing:)
  • HE LOVES BATH TIME! It is by far his favor thing. He just lays in the bath splashing, and kicking away with a big smile on his face.IMG_6035


  • He has always been good at sleeping. He is like his Mom and Dad. He loves to sleep. We have had a few nights that he sleeps through the night, but he usually wakes up once for a feeding. I am in the process of sleep training (baby wise) with him, which has been good so far.


  • Hampton is such a good eater. I have started putting him on a better schedule and having him go a little bit longer in between feedings. Its helping with his sleeping so thats the good thing!

Mom & Dad:

  • Dad just graduated from college and is extremely relieved! He has started his own business up here, Hanna Farms, selling meat to private consumers. It is a risk starting a business from scratch, but its worth taking the leap of faith.
  • Mom is working hard in her school work while trying to unpack from moving. Its been a big transition, and I am trying to keep on top of everything. It been an adventure for sure!
  •   IMG_6127

Events in life:

  • We moved up to Hanna, UT on May 1st. Hampton was just 6 weeks old. The moving process was kinda crazy but we managed with big smiles on our face! We are so happy to be up here in Hanna. There are some inconveniences but they are easy to overlook when living in such a beautiful place.

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