4 week countdown!


How far along? 36 weeks and counting!!

Total weight gain: 30 lbs :/

Maternity clothes: One of the best additions I have found is a long undershirt. My mom got it for me at down east and its been so great. I can where almost anything with my undershirt, because it covers this big ol’ belly!

Sleep: I have actually been sleeping somewhat well…lets be honest sleeping doesn’t exist the last semester of pregnancy 🙂  Our dog is pregnant as well and is wanting a lot of affection. 95% of the time that I wake up in the night, Sadie is by my right side and Derek is on my left, while I am in the middle. Sounds fun doesn’t? Its fine, it keeps me warm:) Derek is the one that has been the crazy sleeper. I feel bad because I have to wake him up to help me out of bed to go to the bathroom. haha I cant get myself up anymore.

Labour signs: I started to have contractions on my graduate trip to Denver, but luckily they stop.  They thought I was going to be dilated when I went back to the doctor, but nothing yet. This last month I have to remember to be super patient with everything and give my body the benefit of the doubt. I need to let nature take its course, and trust that my body will be able to figure this all out. I mean our bodies are designed by a God, when you think about it. Thats pretty incredible.

Symptoms: I have started to swell, and my hips feel like they are being pulled apart. I have Derek rub my back and hips, and that sometimes helps but I tell everyone I feel like a wish bone-being pulled in two different directions.

Wedding ring on or off? For the first time ever I had to take it off!  I have started to swell, and my hands and feet get the worst of it.

Mood: I am so ready for my little man to show up. I am happy to know I only have 4 weeks left until I get to meet him:)

Food cravings: I am loving snacking. I have been really mindful of having healthy snacks at work and its been so helpful. I start to get sick with certain food, and I feel like I am starting to figure out what works with my body and what doesn’t. Better late than never right?img_5414

Movement: He never stops moving!! I love feeling him move… well thats only partially true. Sometimes they hurt. I think he is getting to0 big for in there.

How’s Dad? He is amazing. We have been working on the babies room which has been really fun. I got back from one of my showers and He was like…”Could we open everything up so I can see what our little guy got?” It was the cutest thing ever. He wants such a hand in helping out and literally takes things as they come. Putting the nursery together has been one of our favorite things to do. When we got some of the things put together he wanted to practice changing a diaper!! haha so he ended up taking a stuffed animal and put a diaper on them! haha Then yesterday he decide that he needed to be dressed too! So he grabbed on of the babies onesies and put it on the bear. So cute! It made my heart melt. I am so excited for Derek to be a dad. Our little guy is very lucky to have such a great dad already.

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Miss anything: I miss being able to bend down and pick things up. I cant believe how hard it is. I was wanting to mop all my floors and the baseboards before baby comes, and I realized thats not possible anymore. I have to hire someone to come out to clean all the low areas in the house, which I thought never would happen.

Looking forward to: I am so excited to go on maternity leave and just be with my baby. There will obviously be other demands (Sadie’s puppies, moving, Derek’s job searching, grad school, etc.), but I cant wait to just be with this little guy and enjoy our time together.

Best moments: I have had 4 amazing showers that spoiled the baby and I rotten! It has been so fun to have so many wonderful people excited to share the excitement about this wonderful baby with me. Derek and I are so blown away sometimes of all the good people in our life and their generosity! So incredible!

I also had the opportunity to do to a lactation class with my good friend Chanice. It was great to get so much information regarding breast feeding. If you are having a baby , weather it be your first or fourth I would recommend this class for you. Seriously SO GREAT!

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