Flying While Pregnant

A few weeks ago I had to fly out to Denver for the start of my graduate program. I was 33 weeks pregnant and to be honest I was worried about flying that far along alone, so I had my mom come with me and I am so glad I did for multiple reasons. I have a friend that will be traveling soon and she asked for some recommendations and some insight on my experience.


Check with your doctor in advance. I have talked with my doctor since the beginning about me flying, and he has always told me that it should be fine as long as no complications come up in the pregnancy, which it hadn’t so I was in the clear. He did recommend a couple things. 1) Start taking Immune+ (Emergen-C)  to help avoid all the nasty germs/bugs that are spread in the airport. 2) Wear compression socks because you will swell. 3) Drink lots of water.

-Fly with someone: I brought along my mom and I am so glad I did. She was so helpful the entire time. She helped with my baggage, tickets, food, bathroom breaks, you name it and she was there. She was such a great support system for me and helped me know that everything was going to be okay. I started to have contractions on the plane and she helped me breath and relax. It was also helpful that she was a nurse too! haha she kept taking my vitals. I cant imagine traveling without someone while pregnant because they really do help more than you know.


-TSA Pre-Check: For some reason I had TSA Pre-Check which was literally the biggest blessing. I didn’t have to take off my shoes, jewelry, anything. Security was so quick and really easy. Find out a way to get it. I promise you wont regret it!

-Dont dress to impress: I decided to dress for comfort instead of  style and I am SO glad I did. I wore yoga pants, zip up jacket, and tennis shoes. It was the best thing because I felt very comfortable. My only other suggestion is dress in layers. I wish I had a sleeved shirt under my jacket because I got hot on the plane and couldn’t take it off. Make that correction and you should be good.


-Drink lots of water: I know this is probably the last thing you want to do while pregnant because… lets face it we pee a ton while pregnant! But I had to say it helped a ton. I brought my own water bottle and filled it up anytime I could, because the small cups of water on the plane were never enough. I found that I was constantly thirsty, and make sure you bring snacks as well on the plane. Us pregnant women need our snacks:)

-Dont be afraid to take a break: The airports are huge! So don’t be afraid to sit down and take a break. I think I was trying to prove a point that I could do it all at 33 weeks, but to be honest I think thats why I was so exhausted the whole time. So don’t be stupid like me and take lots of breaks. 🙂

-Jewelry: I would recommend not flying with any jewelry. Yes, even your wedding ring. I started to swell a ton and my ring couldn’t get off my finger. My watch and bracelets even had a hard time coming off. After a while I was able to get it all taken off, but it freaked me out when it happened.


-Check luggage: This is kind of a no brainer but I thought I would throw it in as a recommendation. Make sure you aren’t packing around bags. You are caring another human, I think its safe to say you don’t need any more baggage lol Pay the extra fee or whatever you need to do. It makes things a lot more stressful having to worry about a carry on on top of everything else.

-Relax: The last thing I would recommend is relax.  My husband made me a playlist to listen to and that helped a lot. When I started to feel uncomfortable, stressed, pain, whatever I put in my head phones and listened to music. It helped to take my mind off everything. So whatever it maybe for you:a book, playlist, a game, etc. bring it along just in case for those moments.

Enjoy your travels and know that everything will be okay! I mean we are creating life… we can do this!!:)

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