32 weeks pregnant


How far along? 32 weeks pregnant

Total weight gain: +23… its catching up on me now!

Maternity clothes: Well… being a long legged woman. My mom bought me some Long Tall Sally leggings for my birthday back in November, and needless to say. I have worn them out because I literally wore them everyday. They are amazing. If anyone needs some long maternity leggings or just regular leggings for that matter. This is where you need to go!! 

Sleep: Its really hard for me to get comfortable. I sometimes start crying or angrily grunting because its so hard for me. I either keep Derek up or I wake him up multiple times a night. I have been sleeping with me snoogle which has been amazing, but it takes some time to figure it all out:)

Gender/Labour signs: Doctor says he is measuring big (like a couple weeks ahead), but Doc wants him to stay in as long as possible, which I somewhat agree with haha. I am confident he is coming early…but what do I know. I have never done this before:)

Symptoms: I know I am only 32 weeks, but I sometimes feel like there is no possible way I can grow 1 more inch. My tummy is super tight and sometimes I think he is going to push through my skin! Other than that I have all the normal pregnancy symptoms; back aches, hips spreading, head aches, and nausea/throwing up…. still hasn’t gone away 😦

Wedding ring on or off? In the mornings, its a real struggle to take it off.

Mood:  I am pretty anxious. This semester (next couple of months) are going to be pretty crazy.

-I start my grad program this week.

-We are having a new baby.

-Derek will be graduating in April.

He will  be getting a new job… no idea where. With our luck, we will have to move to someplace like Kentucky in like two weeks haha.

Our dog, Sadie, is pregnant so birthing and raising puppies! Yes, Sadie and I are pregnant at the same time. Poor Derek. He is having lots raging hormones to deal with!! 🙂

….But even with all this I keep having this song go through my head “I will survive!” haha There are a lot of unknown, which are a blessing and a curse at the same time.

Food cravings: I just love food. I have been craving more fruits/veggies… and red meat! Good thing we have half a beef in my freezer because thats what I have been loving! haha

Movement: He is a moving machine! This last Sunday was a really rough day. I puked all day and ended up just laying on the coach not going to church or anything. The baby would gently kick me when I was having my hardest moments… I would just start crying and tell Derek “Its like he is reminding me why its all worth it.” As you can tell my emotions are all over the place lol

How’s Dad? He started his last semester of college! YAY! We are both so excited to move on to the next faze of life with our little guy. Derek is working on training a horse (Blaze) for my dad so that takes a lot of his time. I go out with him to see and work the horse as often as I can. Sometimes the only reason I don’t go is because of the stupid road! It is a dirt bumpy road that literally hurts my belly when we go out there. Derek  has to crawl out there in his truck when I am with him. Derek thinks its a great alternative to go into labor…not funny! 🙂

As aways, Derek is constantly so patient with me and helps me get through the day. I don’t know where I would be with out him. He is incredible.


Miss anything:  I have started to make plans for after baby etc. Getting back into shape, no more nausea, and shopping for clothes.

Looking forward to: I am honestly really looking forward to February. I feel like I will be a little bit closer to the end and I can be content with that. We will see… I could see that flip on me:) I am ready for pregnancy to be over.

Derek took me to do an endowment session in the temple for our date night last week. I thought I was going to die. Make a note when you are this far along sit in a chair where you are able to get air! I thought I was going to die! haha

Best moment of the week: We have started to work on the babies room! Its starting to become more and more real! Derek set up his crib (pack-n-play) and I got a little teary eyed!

Derek treated me to a spa day! I not only go to sit in an amazing spa with a million different pools but I also received a massage, pedicure, and facial during our baby moon! (Details in another post) Hands down the best thing ever!

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