20 weeks pregnant


How far along? 20 weeks

Total weight gain: Still in the negatives.

Maternity clothes: Yes! I bought a couple more shirts, but what I am loving in my Old Navy Maternity leggings. My sister recommended them to me and I literally never take them off 🙂

Sleep:  I have been taking Unisom to help with my nausea and sleeping. That has been super helpful but I still wake up to use the restroom. Also, I have always been a sleep talker, but Derek has been saying I have been saying some weird things! haha I will just blame it on the pregnancy:)

Gender:  Its a BOY! We found out last week and we could not be more excited! We both wanted to have a boy be our first. I had a couple dreams this past week where I woke up crying because I had a girl. Once I was a awake I would think “Oh good. It was just a dream.” How bad is that?!  A lot of people were saying that I was probably having a girl just because of how sick I have been. Derek and I both just blame it on our little guy trying to play tricks on us, which is mean because I have been the target! 🙂

Symptoms: Still trying to get through the sickness. Instead of every couple hours it has changed to every 3-4 days of me throwing up. I am hoping its ending soon, but we will see.

Wedding ring on or off? Still on, with room to spare!

Mood: I have been great! I think I am starting to be myself again. I have lots of energy to get things done which is so nice to have back. Today I had my first moment where someone commented on my “pregnancy glow”. Is that really a thing? I dont know, but it felt good hearing it!

Food cravings: Steak. My dad made us an awesome steak over the weekend and now I want like 12 of them. haha Can you guess what we are having for dinner tonight? 🙂

Movement: YES! I felt him kick this past Tuesday coming home from SLC. We were so excited and Derek wanted to feel him so bad! But if I just barely felt him…its going to be awhile until he can.

Miss anything: Not being sick…I had to take a sick day yesterday, just because I couldn’t get my vomiting under control. After about 1pm I started to feel better, but man… pregnancy isn’t for sissys Ill tell you that!!

Looking forward to: I am excited for my pregnancy massage I get next Tuesday! I also get to have another ultra sound the same day, because they couldnt measure his brain because of how active he was (and the position). Next Tuesday will be great!

Best moment of the week: I love feeling his little kicks and now that I have felt them I have noticed them a lot more! LOVE HIM ALREADY!!

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