GENDER REVEAL- We are having a…


Exciting news! We are expecting a little boy! We cannot be more excited!!! Both Derek and I knew it was going to be a boy from the beginning, but we started to get nervous due to how sick I have been. We have heard that you tend to be more sick with a girl, so we both started to doubt ourselves a little bit. But its a boy!:)

Gender Reveal—We actually came up with this idea while we were on our road trip a month or so a go. A couple sat next to us at dinner, and had the waiter reveal the gender this way. We never heard of anyone doing that before so we decided to give it a try, and WE LOVED IT! We had our awesome friends come to dinner with us to celebrate because we don’t really have any family nearby, and we couldn’t wait. So when we were in the ultrasound we said that we didn’t want to know the gender right a way. We wanted to find out at dinner. She gave us an envelope that we later gave to our waitress with a blue and pink candle! I think this is a new tradition in our White house!

Great news this week! I am almost half way!

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