17 weeks & counting!


How far along? 17 weeks

Total weight gain: -10 lbs (I have been sick the entire pregnancy so far)

Maternity clothes: I went and got some this week and they are amazing! I found some great maternity items at Old Navy. I especially love the pregnancy leggings, just giving me that extra inch or so for my belly:)

Sleep: Well I have been having some crazy dreams, and I get up at least twice to use the restroom. Derek has been the one that has really been missing the sleep. I guess I flip and flop all over the place.

Gender: Dont know yet, but we should know in 2 weeks!!

Symptoms:  I have been sick my entire pregnancy. It started around 8 weeks and hasn’t left me yet. Everyone said that it would end second trimester, but it hasn’t yet. I have been going at least a day in between of me throwing up which is a BIG improvement! Also, this past week my tummy has started to show which has been really fun. It is starting to feel a little bit more real.

Wedding ring on or off? Still on!

Mood: I find that I have lots of energy in the morning, and then right after work I need a nap. I feel like I am starting to get back to myself, which is a relief. I really want to start working on baby projects.

Food cravings: Well, it depends on who you are talking to. Derek thinks some of the things I have been eating are crazy, but I don’t think so. He often find me drinking from the pickle jar. Thats normal, right? Haha other than that nothing too crazy.

Movement: UGH! NO! I want to feel the baby move, but nothing yet. My friend said that she could start feeling at 15 weeks. I guess it is going to take me a little bit longer.

Hows Dad? Derek is amazing. He is soo excited and always wants to help me out in anyway he can. I have been throwing up quiet a bit and no matter what time it is he always holds my hair back, gets me crackers, or medication whatever it may be. I am so blessed to have such an incredible husband. This semester he is taking 24 credits (what a nightmare), and constantly he is asking what he could do for me or asking how he could help. I always think, “I should be asking you the same questions!” He is a very selfless person and this baby and I are extremely blessed to have him in our life!

Miss anything: I miss not being sick. I hope it passes soon!

Looking forward to:  We are really looking forward to the gender reveal! I am anxious to get started on projects!

Best moment of the week: It has been really fun starting to see a little bump! This week was the first time I went and actually bought maternity clothes! What a blessing! I feel cute and comfortable, the best combo for a pregnant woman:)

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