6 Ways to Make Scripture Study Easy


This last weekend Derek and I had almost no plans, which is really rare for us. So we decided to go visit his Grandma White in Richfield, UT. We had  an awesome time visiting with her and Derek’s Aunt Susan.To make the trip worth while we stayed the night to go to church with them. The following morning we got up early and were getting things ready for the morning and for church. As I came into the living room, I saw Grandma White at the kitchen table reading her scriptures. Her wheel chair was pulled up to the table facing the window with her frail little body and her hard of seeing eyes deep in the scriptures. At that instant I knew that this was for me to see. Grandma White can’t even walk, but she makes sure she dedicates  her time to the Lord  with scripture study.  Where is my dedication? Do I have this much of a desire to read my scriptures? Do I make it this much of a priority in my life?

As it usually goes, Heavenly Father had to show me again that this message was indeed for me. A couple hours later in Relief Society, guess what was being taught? The power of personal scripture study. I knew that this was no accident, and that Heavenly Father was trying to teach me.

During this lesson, I had multiple impressions and I want to share them with you.

Here are my 6 easy steps to make scripture study easy…

#1 Pray for the desire. The standard works are full of interesting , action-packed stories better by far than any novel. To help gain this desire, ask the Lord for help and he will help you! Trust in him and he will help guide you in the right direction. You may also want to study the words of our past and present prophets (I have attached a couple articles to this post. I have help you with your homework) . They list multiple reasons why we should, but the best reason is that both the Lord and our Prophet have commended us to do it. So, we better do it!

“When you want to talk to god, pray. When you want him to talk to you, read your scriptures.”

#2 Focus on time not quantity. This is not a race. Take your time. One of my institute teacher once explained that if Heavenly Father wanted us to race through the scriptures he would of made it a picture book:) Say your goal is 15 minutes a day, or even 5 minutes. When you start to read you will be focused in on the moment and that particular verse instead of trying to keep your pace. When you read you might get through a chapter, a couple chapter, or it may only be a versus or two. This is good! You want to ponder these marvelous words and take them into your heart.

#3 Keep your scriptures out. I have found that if I keep my scriptures out where I see them everyday it comes easier to remember to read my scriptures. You may keep them on a desk or table by your bed, or maybe you’ll want to carry them with you with your schoolbooks. Just make sure you can get to them easily everyday. When you take them to church, make sure to return them to their place when you return. I want to start leaving them right by my nightstand and I hope that it will become a habit once I turn off my alarm to grab my scriptures.

“Dont say God is silent when your scriptures are closed.”

#4 Have reminders.  It is so easy to forget to read your scriptures. We get caught up in the day and soon its been a week since you last read your scriptures. I have recently tried to put reminders around me, so I make sure I make the time for them. Set an recurring alarm on your phone to remind you is a great way to remember. I personally like to read my scriptures in the morning so I have my “scripture alarm” that wakes me up 20 minutes before I really need to get up. You can do this in the evening as well, right before you need to go to bed. Also, follow other LDS scripture accounts on Instagram, twitter, Facebook, or any other social media account. This will be another great reminder for you through out the day, and also a great influence.

“Fill your mind with God’s Word and you will have no room for Satan’s Lies”

#5 Have a scripture buddy. I read about this a while ago and I really wanted to try it! Find a good friend, family member, or anyone for that matter, that wants to do better at reading their scriptures. It doesn’t matter if they live close or on the other side of the country. It could be a couple people or just one. Whatever floats your boat. Everyday, you have to read the scriptures or study them (Study guides, additional reading material,etc.) When you’re done, you send a text to everyone involved, telling them what your favorite part was of your reading. the reason its important to share your favorites part, rather than just what you read, its that it forces you to really think about your reading and apply it to your life. Okay, so in return, your phone will be beeping with your friends’ favorite part of their reading. The fun part is you will never know when the text will come through, it could be 6am or 10pm. Be determined to never miss a single day!

AND, as a added bonus to this, you are able to bound with your scripture buddy! Make it happen and hold each other accountable.

#6 DO IT!  Not to get all Nike on you, but you have to JUST DO IT! Make the time for it, and I promise you wont regret it. These scriptures have been made for us, people have dedicated their lives to them, some have even died to keep them safe. Lets make them a priority.

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