How To Celebrate a Dog’s Birthday


May 3oth is not just any day. Its Sadie’s day. On May 30, 2013 Ms. Sadie Mae was born and oh what a joy she has been, and on somedays a nightmare:)

Her birthday also fell on Memorial Day this year so Derek and I were able to make a day of it. Sadie is just about happy to do anything, but is thrilled when its with us (which is all the time). So today was going to be a day to have fun with everyone all together. What made the day the best, was the weather… IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!

-Six mile bike ride: We decided to go on a long bike ride around SUU. Sadie ran right by us and loved every minute. I will post the video later, but it was a great site seeing Derek and Sadie bike in front of me with all the American flags around us.

-Feeding at the Farm: Sadie is a wanna-be Ranch dog. She tries to do everything right for Derek, but her dang curiosity and nose gets in the way. We ended up taking her out to feed to let her be apart of the farm life. She really liked the back of the flatbed, because she could jump up from any side.

-Trip up in the mountains: To top the night off we had dinner up in the mountains and let Sadie run around 2000 acres of land. We played fetch for hours and enjoyed the beautiful sunset.

-Brand: Derek and I designed our new brand, and we love it. So we carved the brand into one of the quakies up on the ranch. What do you think? Do you like it?

To say the least, everyone enjoyed the day together and our Sadie was one happy girl. Mission accomplished!

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