The Crushing Carnival Cruise

In December, Derek and I were planning our next semester out, and we decided we wanted to do something fun for Spring Break because we knew it would be a rough semester. So we booked a cruise to Mexico! It was a 4 day cruise leaving from Long Beach, CA and going to Ensenada, Mexico and Catalina Island. We were super excited for this little getaway with each other, because this was going to be my first cruise. But, this excitement didn’t last long…

Here’s why…

-Weather: It rained 80% of the trip. I was expecting it to be sunny and warm, maybe even get to work on my tan. This was not the case. We mostly had to stay in our room or go to some of the activities that were provided by Carnival, which weren’t the best either. We had one day were it cleared up for a couple hours. It was still cold, but the sun was out. We tried to lay out by the pool, but the weather did not last long.

-Rocking Boat: Due to the weather the ship swayed quite a bit, in fact it ROCKED! It was awful. I don’t get motion sickness, and I didn’t on this trip either I just got really woozy. The rocking was so bad I couldn’t wash my hair the entire trip, because I couldn’t lean my head back to wash it without getting light headed (Tall girl problems…) I had multiple passengers apologize once they found out it was my first cruise. People that have done 10 or more cruises said that this one was the worst they have ever been on concerning the weather and the ship rocking. To some extent this made me feel better that I was not the only one that felt this way! We would be walking down a hall and you could see everyone sway from one side of the hall to the other. IT WAS AWFUL!

-Catalina Island port: Due to this “wonderful” weather and waves, we could not go to the Catalina Island port. The waves were too big to enter into the port that the ship was not able to dock. This was supposedly the best port part of the trip. We were planning some fun excursions, but were not able to go to them let alone get off the SHIP! We ended up getting $7 dollars back from Carnival for the “inconvenience”. Really, $7?

-The food: Everyone talked about the food on a cruise, “make sure you eat lots of the food” were heard multiple times. Honestly, the food was not very good. The first day it was alright because its new and we were excited about being on the cruise, but after the first day were we sick of the food.

-Hidden Fees: After all this craziness, we were ready to go back home and be done with the trip. Before we left we had to go settle our bill, which from our end we were super good about paying for things ahead of time so to our knowledge we were at a balance of zero. When I got to the counter the lady said that we owed $90! We found out that they charged us for tipping. We had no idea that they added tipping fees to our trip. We had been tipping the whole time.On top of this we had to pay for the “complimentary” shuttle back to the airport. We were ready to be done with Carnival.

However, will all this said it was great getting away with my husband. He makes the best of every situation, and even not feeling good he made me laugh and have a good time. After this event I am not against cruises, in fact I have some plans to go on an Alaskan Cruise in the near future. But I have learned, you get what you pay for, and its probably best to pay for a higher end cruise line.

Lessons learned.


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