Flagstaff, Arizona

My coworker and I had the opportunity to go to Flagstaff Arizona for a Graduate Expo at Northern Arizona University. I had never been to Flagstaff, so it was great doing something new.

Flagstaff was a perfect mixture of Park City,  & Cedar City. It was a small place, but was incredibly beautiful. The weather was colder, but very tolerable for February. It was much better than Cedar City in February..burrr! We weren’t there for very long so we had the opportunity to check out the hotel and some great restaurants which were great! Jami took me to a Brewery! It was great and the food was delicious. I had to be apart of the Brewery so I ordered a Rootbeer:)  The trip was great and we had success at the conference! One of my favorite parts was having girl time with my coworker/friend!

Things I wish I would of done. When you go…

-Check out the hiking: Everyone talked about going hiking, when we asked what we should do. I guess there are some pretty remarkable hikes with a wide variety of

-Go to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon: The South Rim was only 75 miles away! I have never been to the South Rim, and I wish we would have had more time to do it!

-Make your way to the Downtown atmosphere: I guess the night life is pretty fun with the University being so close.

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