Addiction Cycle

A week ago SUU had a spokes person from Fight the New Drug, come speak about pornography. It was an all day event that lead up to this speaker. They invited multiple therapists, and other individuals to speak on this subject. I am working towards grad school to become a therapist so I attended to learn more about this huge pornography epidemic, and I am so glad I did.

Due to work, I was only able to attend 3 sessions. My favorite speaker was Jeffrey Ford. He was a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT), and he spoke a lot about the addiction cycle that leads to pornography use.

If you would like to learn more…

Addiction Cycle

    • Pain
      • People who struggle with a addiction have a hard time dealing with pain
      • Physical, Emotional, spiritual, relational, sexual
      • People who have good connections with others rate pain lower
        • Women rate their life satisfaction by the great connections they have in their lives
        • Beware of double messages.
        • You see superhero, but you know something is going on.
          • Shame: Renee Brown
          • Shame is an all body experience.
          • Ex: Group sharing of this last week’s experience.
  • Reach
    • Does an addict reach in or do they react out?
      • Reach in-Addiction
        • Fake relationship that cannot give you support and the help you need
      • Reach out- getting help
        • Be the person they can talk to. Check with them in all 5 areas. What has been going on in your life during that time you slipped up?
  • Preoccupation
    • Find something to spark the flame to start acting on Addiction
      • Scan to find the spark 
    • Women: Literary feelings
    • Men: Objectified bodies
      • Bikini bodies create action in the man’s Limbic system: The use of tools
  • Ritual
    • Behavior
      • Every person has a behavior ritual or pattern before they act out
    • Relational
      • Pushing relationships away
  • Act out
    • Fantasying, thoughts, pornography, masterbation, sex
  • Pain2 (Pain squared)
    • Pain and shame from acting out
    • Individual focuses on the acting out instead of the whole cycle that got them there.
    • White knuckling
      • Know your pattern and don’t just stop the “Acting act” work the whole cycle
        • Need to go about it a right way!
          • Ex: Playing defense on the 1 yard line for the entire game

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