How to Celebrate a Friends Birthday…

One of our really good friends had a birthday last week, and Derek and I wanted to do something fun for him. Him and his wife, I would say are our best “couple” friends, so we decided to do something a little crazy.

I texted Megan asking if she would leave her door unlocked to their house, and that we were going to come surprise Tevan at midnight and take them both to breakfast to celebrate his birthday! While we were sneaking into his house, Derek and I had to be so careful because everything squeaked, especially when its silent in the middle of the night. When we got to their bedroom Derek jumped on their bed yelling “TEVAN! TEVAN!” Tevan shot up from bed very confused and very alarmed. We all started to laugh, while he was still trying to catch his breath and make sense of everything.

We ended up at the best breakfast place at midnight. Where else but Denny’s. We had to capture the moment, even if I don’t look the best at midnight:)

FYI-Free breakfast if its your birthday!


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