How To Make a Easter Basket on a Budget…

I love to surprise my husband with little things here and there, and Easter was a great time for one of these moments. We were not planning on doing anything for each other for Easter. We really want to focus on saving money for our future, but Derek has been working so hard in school I wanted to do something nice for him. I didn’t want to go too crazy, and spend a bunch of money.

Derek’s Easter Egg Basket

Here are the items..

-Battleship $12: Derek and I fell in love with this game on our cruise. Its super fun to play as a couple, and of course we end up getting way to competitive, but we still enjoy it. In the store it was over $20, but I got a deal on Amazon for $12 including shipping.

-Favorite treats $11:  These treats are all of Derek’s favorites!

Chex mix

Mild Duds

Reese’s eggs

Big Red Gum

Cadbury eggs

Salt Water Taffy

Blue Chips with Hummus

-Socks $7: Derek LOVES socks, but not just any ol’ sock. They have to bright and have fun patterns. I got  this set of mens “hotsox” on clearance at TJMaxx

Subtotal: $30


Derek loved the basket, and I ended up pulling off the surprise.

I have learned that its the little things that go along ways.





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