Orlando, Florida

Orlando Carnegie Marketing Conference

I had an awesome opportunity to go to the Orlando Carnegie Marketing Conference with a couple of my coworkers from SUU. It was a wonderful trip that really contributed to my professional development, and my Disney obsession:)

It was a three day conference, but we added a extra day and a half to the trip so we could have the “Disney Experience”. I was lucky enough to gone along with people who like to have fun! My two coworkers, Roger & Jonathan, came along with me. Roger brought his wife, Mandy with us as well. They were so fun to be with! We stayed at the Disney Yacht Club Resort-needless to say the name did the resort justice. It was a beautiful place right on a marina! One of the coolest things that were part of the “Disney Experience” were the Magic Bands. It was our access to everything. It was the key to my hotel room, my tickets to Disney, my dinner reservations, and with my approval had my credit card information on it so I did not need to carry my wallet! It was great.

Marketing Conference:

The conference had amazing speakers from Google, Youtube, Moz and many more qualified individuals. I loved listening to them and was able to learn from all their experiences and insights in their field. In between speakers Carnegie laid out the red carpet for us. Lets just say I never went hungry.They had incredible meals and snacks that made my mouth water. My favorite snack were the fresh Pretzels. They were fabulous.

Carnegie had a wonderful dinner for us at the Epcot theater. We were placed in the world of “America”. They had a beautiful buffet laid out for us and unlimited drinks/open bar. I have to admit it was pretty hilarious seeing these distinguished individuals get drunk. 🙂 After dinner we had a private firework show from Disney & with a fabulous dessert bar. It was an incredible experience.

Disney World:

I have never been to Disney World (Magical Kingdom), so this was a new experience for me. I have gone to Disneyland as a teenager once, but thats about it. My obsession has come from being a little girl dying to be a princess.

Roger, Mandy, & Jonathan love Disney just as much so it was fun to have this experience with them. With the conference we were offered a half-day pass that was only $65 and we had fast passes with our MagicBands as well. So we flew through the park. Getting at the park at 2pm and being able to get on 90% of the rides by 10pm was great. We only had to wait in one line, the rest of the rides we had fast passes.

Pirates of the Caribbean

My favorite ride at the park was the new Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs ride. It was hands down the best roller coaster we went on that day. It was a smoothest and most comfortable ride. The wait line for the ride never went below 120minutes through out the day. We were on and off the ride in less that 20 minutes.After experiencing both Disney’s (World & Land) I personally like Disneyland better. I believe Disneyland is cleaner and less crowded. Obviously either location is magical, but I think I prefer Disneyland more.

I am so very grateful for this opportunity to travel with my awesome coworkers. I not only grew professionally, but I got to have some fun in Disney World and seriously, what else could you ask for?

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