How To Preg Check a Cow…

Going to Southern Utah University offers you many hands on experiences for your education, and the agriculture department is no exception.  Derek had the opportunity to preg check some cows a few weeks back in his Animal Reproduction course. To be honest? My first reaction probably wasn’t the best, but after hearing Derek talk about it…it sounded pretty awesome.

Before you freak out, they give you a HUGE glove that actually goes around your neck, and they suggest that you double glove. Makes sense….:)IMG_4700

These cows were about to give birth in a couple weeks, so the calf was a pretty good size. Derek said that once his hand was in place he could feel the calf! He could actually feel all the features of its face, body, and hoofs. When he did touch it, it would move around. How cool is that?

When he was telling me all this I found it so fascinating that he felt life before it official “arrived”. I never really thought about someone doing this type of job, but someone has to! Such a cool experience, not only for him but for me! I probably will never be the one to do that….:)

A couple of Derek’s buddies in his course, took a couple pictures and videos so I thought I would share!
#LifeInTheAgricultureDepartment #SUU


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