Aloha Kauai!!

Derek and I went to Kauai for our honeymoon last August, and it was INCREDIBLE! It’s by far one of my new favorite places. I have been to Hawaii a couple of times, but never to Kauai. It was the perfect place to start off our marriage.

Highlights from the trip-

  • NaPali coast
    • This coastline is truly majestic. Its located on the North Shore of Kauai. There are only 2 ways to access the coast-by boat or by walking. There are no roads!
    • On the Shore they have caves that the Catamaran could enter! So cool!
    • There have been multiple movies that have been filmed there, i.e. Jurassic Park, Pirates of the Caribbean, Castaway.
  • Fresh fruit & SMOOTHIES!
    • We had close to 20 smoothies, and you can see why!
  • Renting a Chevrolet Camero Convertible
    • This was such a fun way to enjoy the island and be able to see everything! Derek was thrilled until he noticed that the speed limit in Kauai never went over 40 mph.
  • Peanut butter hula pie:
    • If you know me  at all, you know that I could live on peanut butter. I love almost anything with peanut butter, and Hula Pie was no exception:)
  • GayLord’s Restaurant at the Kilohana plantation
    • Very classy place right on a plantation.
    • 16oz prime rib… Need I say more??


  • But the absolute best part about the trip?? Being able to share it with Derek! It was a fabulous way to start off our marriage, on a isolated island with just the sun, the waves, and my handsome new hubby!


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