Already 2 Months

I can’t believe how quickly time goes. I wanted to be one of those moms that has it all together and writes a little about their child every month for a year. Well, I am off to a good start. He is almost 3 months and this is my first time writing. I guess this is how motherhood goes right? One of the main reason I find that these are important is because I see them as journaling. I want these to be for Hampton. Something he can look back on and treasure. Thats what I hope for, at least.

Derek Hampton White

Weigh & Height

  • 12lbs & 24 inches
    • Before we left Cedar City we had his six week appointment (4/26/17)



  • The first month of life he found his smile. He was so attentive and tried his hardest to focus in on people. Now almost three months, he smiles non stop! He loves to smile and has the cutest little giggle. My favorite time with him is in the mornings. He is so happy and alert! When he sees me, he gets the biggest smile on his face. There is nothing better than that!! It seriously makes my day!IMG_5940

Fun things:

  • I had my first Mothers day a couple weeks ago. Derek made me feel so special! He had a pendant made with a mother and child footprints, representing a mothers example and being sure footed in the gospel. BEST GIFT EVER! Made me cry… Surprised? You shouldn’t be…
  • Hampton has found his hands and has started to play with his toys! I put a couple dangly toys in his crib and I sometimes find him in there playing with them instead of napping. Its pretty dang cute:)
  • He has the best scowl! Even one of my ultrasounds has one of his scowls. Love them! Such a Gines thing:)
  • HE LOVES BATH TIME! It is by far his favor thing. He just lays in the bath splashing, and kicking away with a big smile on his face.IMG_6035


  • He has always been good at sleeping. He is like his Mom and Dad. He loves to sleep. We have had a few nights that he sleeps through the night, but he usually wakes up once for a feeding. I am in the process of sleep training (baby wise) with him, which has been good so far.


  • Hampton is such a good eater. I have started putting him on a better schedule and having him go a little bit longer in between feedings. Its helping with his sleeping so thats the good thing!

Mom & Dad:

  • Dad just graduated from college and is extremely relieved! He has started his own business up here, Hanna Farms, selling meat to private consumers. It is a risk starting a business from scratch, but its worth taking the leap of faith.
  • Mom is working hard in her school work while trying to unpack from moving. Its been a big transition, and I am trying to keep on top of everything. It been an adventure for sure!
  •   IMG_6127

Events in life:

  • We moved up to Hanna, UT on May 1st. Hampton was just 6 weeks old. The moving process was kinda crazy but we managed with big smiles on our face! We are so happy to be up here in Hanna. There are some inconveniences but they are easy to overlook when living in such a beautiful place.

39 weeks pregnant…


How far along?  I am currently 39 weeks pregnant.

Total weight gain: 30 lbs… I never knew you could gain weight in your nose. Guess what? You can.

Maternity clothing: Does Derek’s clothing work? I am too cheap to go by more maternity when I am so close to being done. Like today, I decided to where his hoodie instead of anything I could find in my closet. Speaking of clothing and getting ready. By the end of the day it is super hard for me to bed down and take off my shoes. Derek is so good about helping me with my shoes.

Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 10.20.04 AM.png

Sleep: I have a hard time staying asleep. I get a couple of good hours and then I wake up and try to start solving all the worlds problems. Things about baby, getting things ready, when will he come, where will we be, etc. I have a lot on my mind and apparently that means no sleep. It is also getting SUPER hard to get out of bed or even move around for that matter! I almost always have to wake up Derek to get me out of bed. I cant get the momentum I need to do it. SO lame! I should also make a point to mention that Derek gets no sleep as well because of me… oops!


Labor signs: Yes, I have started to have labor signs. Earlier this week I had a “false alarm” and ended up at the hospital. They ended up sending me home once they checked me out and everything. I felt so embarrassed. My last doctor’s appointment I was dilated to a one and was 60% effaced. Dr. Heath did mention when he was checking everything, “Wow! He is very low. Its like you have a bowling ball down there!” I hope that is a good sign that he will come fast when he does decide to come!

Symptoms:  This sums it up.


Wedding ring on or off? Still off and I hate it. I tell Derek at least a couple times a week that I miss my ring.

Mood: Anxious, and impatient! He needs to get here already!


Food cravings: Jalapeno peppers. I love them and I found some good ones that I can make at home.

Movement:  At this point he isn’t kicking, he more just rolls around.

How’s Dad? More ready than I am and I didn’t think that was possible!

Miss anything:  My thoughts aren’t really focused in that direction. I am really just ready for him to get here, and thats all I think about:)

Looking forward to: I have officially started maternity leave today and its one step closer! I am excited to get him here so I can put my maternity leave to good use. I am also looking forward to reading books, doing homework (trying to work ahead), and time to think and get ready for the next chapter.

Best moment of the week: 

-Derek and I have been working hard to get everything ready for the baby. We have cleaned the car, have the carseat installed, cleaned the house, babies room is ready…. now all we need is the baby:)

-Sadie had her puppies this past week and it was the coolest experience ever! I am just glad I dont have to give birth to 7! (Other post to follow)

-Derek got me a push present! I got a kitchen aid and its amazing. Last night I made five dozen cookies for my office. It was such a breeze. I am hoping I can make bread soon.

Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 10.15.05 AM.png

4 week countdown!


How far along? 36 weeks and counting!!

Total weight gain: 30 lbs :/

Maternity clothes: One of the best additions I have found is a long undershirt. My mom got it for me at down east and its been so great. I can where almost anything with my undershirt, because it covers this big ol’ belly!

Sleep: I have actually been sleeping somewhat well…lets be honest sleeping doesn’t exist the last semester of pregnancy 🙂  Our dog is pregnant as well and is wanting a lot of affection. 95% of the time that I wake up in the night, Sadie is by my right side and Derek is on my left, while I am in the middle. Sounds fun doesn’t? Its fine, it keeps me warm:) Derek is the one that has been the crazy sleeper. I feel bad because I have to wake him up to help me out of bed to go to the bathroom. haha I cant get myself up anymore.

Labour signs: I started to have contractions on my graduate trip to Denver, but luckily they stop.  They thought I was going to be dilated when I went back to the doctor, but nothing yet. This last month I have to remember to be super patient with everything and give my body the benefit of the doubt. I need to let nature take its course, and trust that my body will be able to figure this all out. I mean our bodies are designed by a God, when you think about it. Thats pretty incredible.

Symptoms: I have started to swell, and my hips feel like they are being pulled apart. I have Derek rub my back and hips, and that sometimes helps but I tell everyone I feel like a wish bone-being pulled in two different directions.

Wedding ring on or off? For the first time ever I had to take it off!  I have started to swell, and my hands and feet get the worst of it.

Mood: I am so ready for my little man to show up. I am happy to know I only have 4 weeks left until I get to meet him:)

Food cravings: I am loving snacking. I have been really mindful of having healthy snacks at work and its been so helpful. I start to get sick with certain food, and I feel like I am starting to figure out what works with my body and what doesn’t. Better late than never right?img_5414

Movement: He never stops moving!! I love feeling him move… well thats only partially true. Sometimes they hurt. I think he is getting to0 big for in there.

How’s Dad? He is amazing. We have been working on the babies room which has been really fun. I got back from one of my showers and He was like…”Could we open everything up so I can see what our little guy got?” It was the cutest thing ever. He wants such a hand in helping out and literally takes things as they come. Putting the nursery together has been one of our favorite things to do. When we got some of the things put together he wanted to practice changing a diaper!! haha so he ended up taking a stuffed animal and put a diaper on them! haha Then yesterday he decide that he needed to be dressed too! So he grabbed on of the babies onesies and put it on the bear. So cute! It made my heart melt. I am so excited for Derek to be a dad. Our little guy is very lucky to have such a great dad already.

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Miss anything: I miss being able to bend down and pick things up. I cant believe how hard it is. I was wanting to mop all my floors and the baseboards before baby comes, and I realized thats not possible anymore. I have to hire someone to come out to clean all the low areas in the house, which I thought never would happen.

Looking forward to: I am so excited to go on maternity leave and just be with my baby. There will obviously be other demands (Sadie’s puppies, moving, Derek’s job searching, grad school, etc.), but I cant wait to just be with this little guy and enjoy our time together.

Best moments: I have had 4 amazing showers that spoiled the baby and I rotten! It has been so fun to have so many wonderful people excited to share the excitement about this wonderful baby with me. Derek and I are so blown away sometimes of all the good people in our life and their generosity! So incredible!

I also had the opportunity to do to a lactation class with my good friend Chanice. It was great to get so much information regarding breast feeding. If you are having a baby , weather it be your first or fourth I would recommend this class for you. Seriously SO GREAT!

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Flying While Pregnant

A few weeks ago I had to fly out to Denver for the start of my graduate program. I was 33 weeks pregnant and to be honest I was worried about flying that far along alone, so I had my mom come with me and I am so glad I did for multiple reasons. I have a friend that will be traveling soon and she asked for some recommendations and some insight on my experience.


Check with your doctor in advance. I have talked with my doctor since the beginning about me flying, and he has always told me that it should be fine as long as no complications come up in the pregnancy, which it hadn’t so I was in the clear. He did recommend a couple things. 1) Start taking Immune+ (Emergen-C)  to help avoid all the nasty germs/bugs that are spread in the airport. 2) Wear compression socks because you will swell. 3) Drink lots of water.

-Fly with someone: I brought along my mom and I am so glad I did. She was so helpful the entire time. She helped with my baggage, tickets, food, bathroom breaks, you name it and she was there. She was such a great support system for me and helped me know that everything was going to be okay. I started to have contractions on the plane and she helped me breath and relax. It was also helpful that she was a nurse too! haha she kept taking my vitals. I cant imagine traveling without someone while pregnant because they really do help more than you know.


-TSA Pre-Check: For some reason I had TSA Pre-Check which was literally the biggest blessing. I didn’t have to take off my shoes, jewelry, anything. Security was so quick and really easy. Find out a way to get it. I promise you wont regret it!

-Dont dress to impress: I decided to dress for comfort instead of  style and I am SO glad I did. I wore yoga pants, zip up jacket, and tennis shoes. It was the best thing because I felt very comfortable. My only other suggestion is dress in layers. I wish I had a sleeved shirt under my jacket because I got hot on the plane and couldn’t take it off. Make that correction and you should be good.


-Drink lots of water: I know this is probably the last thing you want to do while pregnant because… lets face it we pee a ton while pregnant! But I had to say it helped a ton. I brought my own water bottle and filled it up anytime I could, because the small cups of water on the plane were never enough. I found that I was constantly thirsty, and make sure you bring snacks as well on the plane. Us pregnant women need our snacks:)

-Dont be afraid to take a break: The airports are huge! So don’t be afraid to sit down and take a break. I think I was trying to prove a point that I could do it all at 33 weeks, but to be honest I think thats why I was so exhausted the whole time. So don’t be stupid like me and take lots of breaks. 🙂

-Jewelry: I would recommend not flying with any jewelry. Yes, even your wedding ring. I started to swell a ton and my ring couldn’t get off my finger. My watch and bracelets even had a hard time coming off. After a while I was able to get it all taken off, but it freaked me out when it happened.


-Check luggage: This is kind of a no brainer but I thought I would throw it in as a recommendation. Make sure you aren’t packing around bags. You are caring another human, I think its safe to say you don’t need any more baggage lol Pay the extra fee or whatever you need to do. It makes things a lot more stressful having to worry about a carry on on top of everything else.

-Relax: The last thing I would recommend is relax.  My husband made me a playlist to listen to and that helped a lot. When I started to feel uncomfortable, stressed, pain, whatever I put in my head phones and listened to music. It helped to take my mind off everything. So whatever it maybe for you:a book, playlist, a game, etc. bring it along just in case for those moments.

Enjoy your travels and know that everything will be okay! I mean we are creating life… we can do this!!:)

32 weeks pregnant


How far along? 32 weeks pregnant

Total weight gain: +23… its catching up on me now!

Maternity clothes: Well… being a long legged woman. My mom bought me some Long Tall Sally leggings for my birthday back in November, and needless to say. I have worn them out because I literally wore them everyday. They are amazing. If anyone needs some long maternity leggings or just regular leggings for that matter. This is where you need to go!! 

Sleep: Its really hard for me to get comfortable. I sometimes start crying or angrily grunting because its so hard for me. I either keep Derek up or I wake him up multiple times a night. I have been sleeping with me snoogle which has been amazing, but it takes some time to figure it all out:)

Gender/Labour signs: Doctor says he is measuring big (like a couple weeks ahead), but Doc wants him to stay in as long as possible, which I somewhat agree with haha. I am confident he is coming early…but what do I know. I have never done this before:)

Symptoms: I know I am only 32 weeks, but I sometimes feel like there is no possible way I can grow 1 more inch. My tummy is super tight and sometimes I think he is going to push through my skin! Other than that I have all the normal pregnancy symptoms; back aches, hips spreading, head aches, and nausea/throwing up…. still hasn’t gone away 😦

Wedding ring on or off? In the mornings, its a real struggle to take it off.

Mood:  I am pretty anxious. This semester (next couple of months) are going to be pretty crazy.

-I start my grad program this week.

-We are having a new baby.

-Derek will be graduating in April.

He will  be getting a new job… no idea where. With our luck, we will have to move to someplace like Kentucky in like two weeks haha.

Our dog, Sadie, is pregnant so birthing and raising puppies! Yes, Sadie and I are pregnant at the same time. Poor Derek. He is having lots raging hormones to deal with!! 🙂

….But even with all this I keep having this song go through my head “I will survive!” haha There are a lot of unknown, which are a blessing and a curse at the same time.

Food cravings: I just love food. I have been craving more fruits/veggies… and red meat! Good thing we have half a beef in my freezer because thats what I have been loving! haha

Movement: He is a moving machine! This last Sunday was a really rough day. I puked all day and ended up just laying on the coach not going to church or anything. The baby would gently kick me when I was having my hardest moments… I would just start crying and tell Derek “Its like he is reminding me why its all worth it.” As you can tell my emotions are all over the place lol

How’s Dad? He started his last semester of college! YAY! We are both so excited to move on to the next faze of life with our little guy. Derek is working on training a horse (Blaze) for my dad so that takes a lot of his time. I go out with him to see and work the horse as often as I can. Sometimes the only reason I don’t go is because of the stupid road! It is a dirt bumpy road that literally hurts my belly when we go out there. Derek  has to crawl out there in his truck when I am with him. Derek thinks its a great alternative to go into labor…not funny! 🙂

As aways, Derek is constantly so patient with me and helps me get through the day. I don’t know where I would be with out him. He is incredible.


Miss anything:  I have started to make plans for after baby etc. Getting back into shape, no more nausea, and shopping for clothes.

Looking forward to: I am honestly really looking forward to February. I feel like I will be a little bit closer to the end and I can be content with that. We will see… I could see that flip on me:) I am ready for pregnancy to be over.

Derek took me to do an endowment session in the temple for our date night last week. I thought I was going to die. Make a note when you are this far along sit in a chair where you are able to get air! I thought I was going to die! haha

Best moment of the week: We have started to work on the babies room! Its starting to become more and more real! Derek set up his crib (pack-n-play) and I got a little teary eyed!

Derek treated me to a spa day! I not only go to sit in an amazing spa with a million different pools but I also received a massage, pedicure, and facial during our baby moon! (Details in another post) Hands down the best thing ever!

3rd Trimester!


How far along?  I am currently 28 weeks to date! We are in our last trimester. YAY!

Total weight gain: +15 lbs

Maternity clothes: Eh. Havent bought anything recently. I want to save my money for after the baby to get me some new clothes:)

Sleep: I kid you not, I come home from work at 5pm, cook dinner, do a couple things around the house, maybe take a bath, and then head to bed. I am literally in my bed ASLEEP by 9pm. Derek and I joke all the time that its past my bedtime after 7:30pm. I have been sleeping great, just a lot of weird dreams…

Labour signs: I have started to experience Braxton Hicks contractions which was really crazy. It kind of scared me at first because we want him to cook for a lot longer, but my doctor told me that its the way my body is preparing for birth! Ah!

Symptoms: My back and hips start to hurt by the end of the day. I work at a desk most of my day and I guess I am starting to feel that with my changing body. Its been really difficult but Derek helps me stretch it out and get rid of the pain. He really is great! I have not thrown up in over a week! YAY YAY YAY!!!

Wedding ring on or off?  With the big jump in weight gain the last 6 weeks, my ring is starting to get tight.

Mood: I really am so happy! I cant wait to to meet this little man. Its such a great time of year with all the holidays and get togethers with family I get really giddy! Life is great & God is near.

Food cravings: I havent been craving anything, but with the holidays around its been the best time to be pregnant! All the yummy food just makes me so happy! haha

Movement: He is moving a ton. I tend to get nervous on the weekends because I don’t feel him as much as during the week. My mom has to remind me that I don’t pay attention to it as much as during the weekend, which is completely true. We usually have a ton going on and have a lots of running around to do.

How’s Dad? Dad is stressed. This week is finals week at SUU! He has two more days left and he will be done with the semester, which we are both super excited about! As far as the baby goes, he is pumped. He always talks to my tummy trying to get him to move, or talks about how much he is going to spoil him. I love hearing these things. This little guy already has such a special part in our hearts:)

Miss anything:  The weight gain is starting to freak me out. I have had to talk to multiple people about it. However, I will do whatever it takes to make sure he is healthy and strong.

Looking forward to:  I am really looking forward to the holidays and being around family. Two of my sisters-in-law have newborns so I cant wait to hold them and get a glimpse of what its going to be like with our little man!

Best moment of the week: 

-Cleaning out the babies room: Our house doesn’t have much storage so since we have moved in the baby’s room has been made into a storage room. This past weekend Derek and I cleaned it all out and its starting to LOOK like a nursery! We have his swing and bouncer in there and every time I walk past I get a smile on my face. He is coming soon!

-Baby showers: I am getting ready to have a couple baby showers and registering for items have made it so real! I start looking at things and I realize “Oh ya. I might need that.” I was the youngest and seeing all my siblings have babies I guess I have gotten use to all the baby items, but now that its my turn to be a mom its crazy to think its my turn!

Birthday Pregnancy Update



How far along? 22 weeks

Total weight gain: +4 lbs

Maternity clothes: For my birthday I received a couple maternity items. They are great, but I have realized you have to be careful because some items emphasis the baby bump which makes me look like 2 months bigger. I finally received my maternity swimming suit from amazon so I can start swimming laps again which makes me really excited. I have missed that.

Sleep: For my birthday Derek got me a Snoogle, and let me tell you what. It is amazing. I got to sleep with it for the first time Monday night. I usually toss and turn which ends up keeping up Derek. Well it has changed the game forever. Tuesday was my birthday, all I wanted was a bubble bath and to go to bed early with my Snoogle:). I went to bed at 7pm and didn’t wake up till 6:30am!! Incredible! It helps me stay comfortable longer and better. The only difficult thing I found is that if I want to turn over it takes a lot more effort, which is probably a good thing:)

Symptoms: This past weekend we went down to St. George to go shopping for a couple hours and then ended up going to a haunted corn field after. With the wait in the line time for the field and the shopping it ended up being about 6-8 hours on my feet non stop. My socks had poka-dots on them and they ended up leaving imprints on my feet. My feet and ankles looked hilarious with dots and imprints on every angle on my foot.

Wedding ring on or off? Still on, but I am starting to swell a little bit more.

Mood: Really happy and content. I still throw up every couple of days, but it is minimal.

Food cravings: I havent necessary been cravings things, but I would say that I have found some items that I have liked more than others:) I have found this new creation called apple sauce. My OB recommended the squeezable packets that people usually have for their children. They are by far my favorite snack. I love them and I get to take them everywhere with me. They are super cheap at Costco and you get a huge pack. I take a couple with me everyday on top of all my other snacks. They have ended up being pretty handy. Derek has started taking them to class too!

Movement: Since a couple weeks ago he has gone non STOP!! It is crazy. I feel like his little motor hasn’t stopped. Not only have I felt it on the inside, but I have felt it on the outside too! For the first time Derek felt him move today at lunch! So fun… it is slowly starting to become more real.

How’s Dad? He is incredible. So caring and constantly worried about me. Even with it being my 100th time throwing up he still gets up to come hold my hair. I try to get him to go back to bed, but he always replies, “No, we are a team. We will get through this together.” How on earth did I get so blessed?!

Looking forward to: I am really looking forward to the holidays and our baby moon. We plan on doing our baby moon around then because I start school in January. Four months seem so far away, but I know the next couple months are going to be so crazy that March will be here before we know it!

I am also looking forward to my next ultrasound. He keeps his hands up by his face and they cant get a measurement of his brain, so I get to go for my 3rd ultrasound around thanksgiving. Love seeing him:)

Best moment of the week: Oh my goodness! I have had some great moments…

-I got my SNOOGLE! Best thing ever and has changed my life. Seriously, I am averaging like 9 hours of sleep a night with that thing.

-In my appointment 2 weeks ago, my doctor measured me and said that he is looking a little bigger than 20 weeks and that I will probably be delivering early with a big baby. Especially after finding out how big Derek was 10 days early! He also told me that my hips (due to the size) were made to give birth , and thats why Derek married me!! HAHA My doctor and I couldn’t stop laughing. Its so great to have such a fun doctor.

-Derek and I started a prenatal class last week. Its every Thursday for two hours for six weeks. It was so much fun and we got to ask lots of questions and get so much information. We got to tour the Mommy-Baby unit in the hospital and it was so comforting seeing where Ill deliver , where the nursery is, tools used, amenities, etc. We were so giddy the whole time. We are going to be parents! Say what?!

-My birthday was yesterday, but Derek spoiled me the entire weekend. He took me shopping, got a pedicure, and gave me a weekend a way. It was amazing and gave me the time I needed to relax. The last couple weeks have been crazy especially at work. So the little birthday getaway was exactly what I needed. Thanks to an amazing husband, who is continually patient with me.